Friday, July 10, 2015

The Best Colors for Women’s African Clothing

African clothing for both men and women has always been characterized by loud and vibrant colors. It has been a part of tradition and it still endures despite the many trends that have already come and gone. Perhaps what makes it great is its ability to complement darker skin tones and make those who wear them stand out. Here are some great color matching tips you can take to your wardrobe: 

Wear Cool Colors in Combinations

Wearing cool colors is always the safest bet for formal events and when you are going to the office. It could be especially tricky to pull off, however, since they can make your skin tone look a little bit duller. What you need to do is make sure that the cool colors you pick have some contrast against your skin tone. Wear them in combination with brightly colored accessories like red dangling earrings, purple sunglasses or yellow bracelets to tie up the look. 

Wear Warm Colors in Moderation

Warm and bright colors like yellow, orange and pink look great on women with darker skin. It brings out the natural shine and glow that can turn heads everywhere you go. Too much though will drown out your features. Wear a darker colored skirt or pants to counter the vividness of the warm colors. If you’re not a fan of strong colors, pastel colors work just as well although you should stay away from the shiny shades. 

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