Friday, July 10, 2015

African-Inspired Designs Influence Fashion Trends

African clothing can be traced back to as early as 3000 B.C. Many archeologists have found various remnants of cloth in Central, North and West Africa. During the earliest phases of traditional African fashion, many groups traded clothing and other symbolic objects. Fabrics were woven to create decorative dresses, wrapped clothing, shirts and trousers. Many of the costumes were made for ceremonial purposes and worn by African dancers during ritualistic performances. These designs were also very elaborate and multi-layered.

Most African designs reflect the culture’s appreciation for mixing color patterns and symbols to create stylish apparel. The styles of African clothing have evolved over time, transforming into some of the most distinctive, eye-catching apparel. Many of the top fashion designers all over the world have crafted attire based upon African fashions and other ethnic-inspired designs. From the early 1990’s to current times, you can see various elements of ethnic styles worn by fashion models in runway shows.

In today’s society, African dresses have increased in popularity. Duro Olowu, Korto Momolu, Lisa Folawiyo and David Tlale are a few of the renowned fashion designers who feature a variety of African clothing and accessories. The collections of these well-polished prints have attracted many notable figures in society, like Michelle Obama, as well as celebrities, including Uma Thurma and Linda Evangelista. Many African designs have also appeared on popular television shows and in fashion magazines. 

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