Friday, July 10, 2015

Fashion Tips: Why Buy African Prints Online?

When it comes to quality African prints, clothing, and other accessories, consumers often have difficulty with finding physical store locations that sell quality items. Buying African prints online is the best solution to this problem. 

African Inspired Fashion Trends and Tips

Staying on top of each season's fashion trends can be challenging, but one fun and affordable way to do so is to select one or two trendy pieces and coordinate them with existing wardrobe staples. These statement pieces can be strong, African inspired patterns or fabrics that bring attention to a person's best assets while providing a fun, clean, and professional look.

The Best Colors for Women’s African Clothing

African clothing for both men and women has always been characterized by loud and vibrant colors. It has been a part of tradition and it still endures despite the many trends that have already come and gone. Perhaps what makes it great is its ability to complement darker skin tones and make those who wear them stand out. Here are some great color matching tips you can take to your wardrobe: 

African-Inspired Designs Influence Fashion Trends

African clothing can be traced back to as early as 3000 B.C. Many archeologists have found various remnants of cloth in Central, North and West Africa. During the earliest phases of traditional African fashion, many groups traded clothing and other symbolic objects. Fabrics were woven to create decorative dresses, wrapped clothing, shirts and trousers. Many of the costumes were made for ceremonial purposes and worn by African dancers during ritualistic performances. These designs were also very elaborate and multi-layered.